Business Plans:

  The key to operating a successful business is having a

  plan and following the plan.  This all starts with a thorough

  business plan.  Tait & Associates will work with you to

  develop a comprehensive plan and achievable objectives.

  A thorough and realistic business plan is also very

  important when dealing with banks and the SBA to obtain

  acquisition, start up or working capital funds.Call us to

  discuss your business plan needs.

 Real Estate Sales 

 and Purchasing:

  We are licensed to handle your residential or commercial

  real estate needs as well, so If your decision to buy or sell

  a business involves relocation or just an adjustment in

  your current lifestyle we are equipped and ready to help

  you with buying or selling your commercial or residential

  real estate.

  We supply the same consistent and comprehensive

  service to our real estate customers that we do to our

  business clients. We won't just take your listing and

  disappear, we will council and help you through every step

  in the buying or selling process. See what its like to work

  with professionals, you'll be glad you did.


 Marketing Programs:

  Tait & Associates use a number of media sources to

  solicit prospective buyers depending on the size and type

  of business you are selling. The advertising program is

  custom tailored to your business and can include; local

  and national newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, trade

  publications and multiple Internet listing services. In

  addition, your listing will be seen by qualified buyers from

  our other affiliate offices, corporate acquirers and

  investment groups.

  Tait & Associates also offers several different direct

  marketing programs. We can target potential buyers and

  increase the chances of finding multiple parties interested

  in your business.

  Let's discuss your business and together we can

  determine the best marketing media to advertise the sale

  of your business. All marketing campaigns are done with

  the utmost regard for confidentiality so your business can

  continue to run without interruption.

 Business Consulting -

 Getting Your Business

 Ready to Sell:

  Potential purchasers are looking to buy two things, cash

  flow and/or assets. In order to maximize the price a buyer

  is willing to pay for your business it is important to properly

  reflect the amount of cash your business is generating and

  insure the assets included in the sale are properly valued.

  Tait & Associates is here to help you maximize the value

  of your business. If your current business is under

  performing our consulting services may be just what you

 need to get it on track or get it ready to sell.

  If you are having trouble and need help getting your

  business up to speed in order to maximize its worth, Tait &

  Associates will work with you to get your business

  operating at its optimal level. Contact us for a free one

  hour consultation geared to maximize the value of your






  A very important factor to consider is the packaging and

  presentation of your business. Poor packaging of the

  business is one of the major complaints expressed by

  buyers. We have been told by hundreds of buyers that

  Tait & Associates has the best and most professional

  packaging in the industry, ensuring that seller's

  businesses are being effectively marketed to potential


  When a prospective Buyer is presented the information

  on your business, the Buyer will be able to have most of

  this questions immediately answered and be able to make

  an informed buying decision.

Tait & Associates can help you with any and all of the following:

  • Business brokerage services for buyers and sellers.
  • Market Valuations.
  • Confidential Memorandum Preparation.
  • Business Consulting.
  • Customized Marketing Programs to Sell Your Business.
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate.
  • Business Plans.

 Selling Your Business:

  Why list your business for sale with Tait & Associates?

  There are many reasons. Most importantly, Tait &

  Associates in conjunction with IABB offers business owners

  the opportunity to have the largest business brokerage

  network in the world working to sell your business, not just

  one local broker.  Common sense says it is better to have

  the potential of hundreds of affiliate brokers nationwide

  seeking the right buyer for your business instead of just one

  local office.

  We will help you through the entire process including; listing,

  marketing, negotiation, due diligence, and closing. You are

  working with seasoned professionals and we will work

  closely with you through the entire process. Tait &

  Associates and TABB offer over 30 years of experience in

  handling complicated business deals. Put the power of our

  team to work for you.

 Market Valuation


  It is critical to determine the purpose of the valuation. This

  determination shapes the choice of valuation method(s) to

  apply, because different approaches and concepts may be

  more appropriate for different purposes.

  Most business owners use tax returns or financial statements

  prepared for tax purposes as the basis for the financial

  presentation of their business. As a result, the marke value 

  of assets are not reflected because of depreciation or

  acceptable personal deductions that are written off for tax


  While this may be good for tax purposes, financial statements

  prepared for tax returns do not reflect the years of hard work

  in accumulating business assets. The business goodwill or

  intangible value, which represents a major component of

  what the business is worth in many cases, is not a

  consideration for income tax purposes and, therefore, not

  addressed in financial statements for tax purposes.

  For a business to grow and expand in today's market, capital

  and financing are essential. The financial presentation

  reflecting what the business is worth can be a powerful tool in

  dealing with financial institutions, suppliers, and customers.

  A Business valuation is essential when the owner is ready to

  consider selling the business. In many cases it will be

  required by lenders such as the SBA.

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