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Founded in 2001, the Company is located in a 65,539 square foot manufacturing facility in Houston Texas.  The Company was founded by and is still owned by the current owner.  Today the company moves over 15-17 million pounds a year of virgin and recycled resins to Injection, Extrusion, and Rotational Molding manufacturers.

The Company has an extensive list of over 5,000 customers that they market to on a regular basis.  In addition, they publish a WEEKLY list of in stock inventory which includes special pricing on specific products.  They also rely on a nationwide network of outside sales brokers to market their products across North America.  They attend trade shows, geared toward end users of their products, all over the world.  They also sell directly to end users including specialty products manufacturers.  The Company markets many of its blending, testing and services to other companies who do only grinding and do not supply any of the other quality control and testing services needed to insure compliance to individual customer standards.

The Company is one of the only full-service plastic supply companies is the southern half of the country.  They have no viable competition in the area.  They supply all types of plastics, they produce virgin and recycled plastic, produce UL certified products, provide good quality control and have a testing laboratory to make sure all products are to customer specifications.

The facility is located on the south loop in Houston, in an area with other manufacturing and distribution companies.  The company currently leases a 65,539 square foot facility that consists of manufacturing space, raw materials storage, finished goods storage and one small office.  The warehouse portion has 13 loading docks.  The office area consists of 5 large offices, restrooms, reception area, testing laboratory, conference room and break area.

The market for the company‚Äôs services has been very strong.  In order to support the need for increased production they are currently replacing some older equipment and have ordered a new 6 inch single screw extruder.  The company anticipates the increased production provided by this new machinery will amount to a MONTHLY revenue increase of $150,000 to $175,000 over their current production capacity.  They are focused on their compounding division where they will soon have 3 pelletizing lines.  The future of the company is in their compounding/pelletizing and specialty compounded materials.  The specialty materials are where they add fillers or other ingredients to customize products for their customers.

The company is currently increasing the electrical service to the facility which will also benefit them with increased production capacity.  They recently added a full testing laboratory with the capability to do flow testing and tensile strength testing to name just a couple of the potential uses.  Not only do they take advantage of this for the products they produce, but they offer these services to other plastics companies for a fee.  They have hired a marketing firm to help them get the word out on this new service and build this supplemental, revenue producing business.


Brad Tait

(281) 809-7220 - Office

(832) 421-1110 - Mobile/Text

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