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How to Buy And Sell A Business in Houston, Texas

 Frequently  asked  questions

  • Q:  Why is it important that my agent participate in coop agreements with other qualified business brokers/agents?

                A:  Many agents do not like to coop their listings because this would require them to share their commission.  Any good agent should not have a problem doing coop arrangements provided the participating agents both be qualified business brokers who also coop their own listings.  Any agent who will not participate in coop arrangements is doing a disservice to their client.  In essence they may be turning away qualified and interested buyers in order to not have to share in a commission.  Obviously this is potentially harming and definitely not helping their own client.

  • Q:  Why is confidentiality so important when selling or buying a business?


                A: Confidentiality is one of the most important factors in selling or buying a business. We make sure that every buyer signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to receiving any information about the business. The NDA prohibits the buyer from contacting the seller directly, speaking with any employees, customers or venders and revealing any information about the business to anyone other than qualified advisors. Some of the problems that can arise should your broker require an NDA are as follows:

  • Employees will know the business is for sale and would most likely start looking for alternative employment to protect themselves.
  • Venders could stop issuing terms to the company fearing that the owner will leave without paying their bill.
  • Banks can cancel working capital lines of credit or call existing debt due immediately.
  • Perhaps worst of all, customers could go elsewhere for products or services for fear the new owner might treat them differently.

Q:  What should I expect from my business broker?       

      A:  Communication is extremely important in working with a business broker.  We go to extra lengths to let you know what is happening.  If desired we will blind copy you on correspondence of a non private nature between us and potential buyers.  Since we also have a fiduciary responsibility to the Buyer as well the Seller by our Broker's Association Code of Ethics if either party tells us not to disclose our discussions we are obligated to comply with that request.  The only time we have to disclose something that either party tells us, even if they consider it private, is when the item being discussed could have a material effect on the business. buy and sell a business in Houston, mergers and acquisitions

  • Q:  How do I choose a business broker?

                A:  Choosing the right business broker is one of the most important decisions you will make in the selling process.  You need a broker experienced in doing transactions of all types.  Don't be overly concerned if a broker has not done any transactions that are an exact match to your company.  You are the expert in your business and the broker should rely on your help to answer questions specifically related to your operation.  You are hiring the broker for his expertise in dealing with Buyers and on doing many types of transactions on different levels of complicity.  You are the company expert, he is there to find a buyer, negotiate terms and put together a deal structure that will bring buyers to the table.

  • Q:  How do business brokers and commercial/residential real estate agents differ?

                A:  Business brokers are trained in the intricacies of a business transaction such as understanding, analyzing and forecasting Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Flow Statements and Balance Sheets.    They also understand the legal requirements and ethics involved with a business transaction which can vary dramatically from a Real Estate transaction.  One of the worst mistakes inexperienced brokers make is not properly pricing a business.  A business that is not priced properly will not sell!  First off experienced buyers will know it is unrealistically priced and walk immediately.  Secondly, you will not be able to obtain financing, a lender will do their own due diligence and will not lend if the cash flow of the business won't support the debt payments after a reasonable owner salary is deducted and after working capital requirements are met. 

  • Q:  When should I consider carrying financing?

               A:  This is when you need an experienced broker to guide you.  There are a number of things that need to be done but think of it like the lender.  If they don't think it's a good risk, why should you think differently?  Be sure a lender knows there is a components of seller financing involved in the proposed terms because they will consider it as part of the debt payments and will not lend if payments to both them and the Seller do not make sense when the cash flow is taken into consideration.

  • Q:  What does it cost to sell a business?

                A:  We are commission based Business Brokers.  When listing your business with Tait & Associates you will not be charged any upfront fees.  We charge on a commission to be paid only if the business is sold.  The amount of the commission is based on the value of the business being sold.  Let us give you a market valuation and then we can give you an exact percentage amount.

  • Q:  Are there any up front fees when selling my business?

                A:  No, we do not charge any up front fees to sell your business.  The market valuation, advertising and memorandum preparation are all a part of the services provided to our sellers at no additional cost. buy and sell a business in Houston mergers and acquisitions