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 Looking to Buy

 Benefits to Buyers

 Prior to the establishment of the Texas Association of

 Business Brokers, TABB, attempts to acquire a business in

 another city and/or state resulted in loss of time and money as the

 prospective buyer contacted various local brokers for available

 listings. These challenges are unnecessary today because of Tait

 & Associates relationship with TABB, their programs,

 professionalism, organizational structure and size. The potential

 Buyer is now able to critique businesses offered nationwide.

 Tait & Associates can provide any and all information needed to

 make an informed buying decision.  The personal and financial

 information shared with the Seller is done in a professional

 manner and the information asked for and provided is general in

 nature.  No potentially harmful personal data is ever shared with

 either the Buyer or Seller without their knowledge.

 The Buyers that Tait & Associates work with most often fall into

 one of the two following categories; financial and strategic.

 Whichever category you fall into, feel free to contact Tait &

 Associates to discuss buying opportunities or to find out more

 about the buying process.

 Mergers & Acquisitions

 Investment groups and corporations seeking to grow through the

 acquisition of other companies have found that one telephone

 call, fax, or e-mail to Tait & Associates can provide numerous

 opportunities all over America.

 General Business


 Over seventy percent of the buyers Tait & Associates works with

 are first time Buyers. Most are leaving “Corporate America” with a

 strong desire to own a business in order to control their own

 destiny, earnings potential and quality of life. Tait & Associates

 takes the time to educate all buyers on what can realistically be

 accomplished based on the size of their investment.

 Buyer Forms


 All buyers must complete both the Buyer's Personal Profile and

 Personal Financial Statement. This information will be used to

 pre-qualify buyers and help focus their search for potential


  • Buyer's Personal Profile - This form is used to gather information on what type of business the Buyer wants, as well as the Buyer's immediate financial position. You will need to attach and send a copy of your current resume with your profile.
  • Personal Financial Statement -  This form is used to determine the net worth of the buyer and the amount of capital available for a down payment. This is presented to Sellers and Lenders in order to pre-qualify the potential Buyer.
  • Buyer's Confidentiality and Warranty Agreement (NDA). A separate form will be required for each business for which confidential information is requested. A copy of this document is given to the Seller prior to release of any confidential information.

 Tait & Associates treats all personal information as


 information to anyone without the buyer's authorization. For

 further information see our Privacy Policy

We work with buyers of both large and small businesses. The seller will have several advisors during the listing and sales process and you should also! Start your next chapter now!

Over eighty percent of the buyers Tait & Associates works with are first time buyers. Most are leaving “Corporate America” with a strong desire to own their own business in order to have control of their time, earnings potential and the quality of life. Tait & Associates takes the time to educate all buyers on what can realistically be accomplished based on the size of their potential investment.

Sometimes, no acquisition opportunity completely matches your vision. No problem. We realize that finding the right opportunity is a long and involved process. We'll continue to work for you until the we find the opportunity that fits your vision. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our work please let us know and we'll do what it takes to see to it that you are satisfied or we'll release you from any remaining obligation.