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The Company was purchased from an individual (sole proprietor) in early 2007 and had previously been in existence since 1992.  As laws for regular testing and compliance have been adopted by various government agencies (state and local) their business has grown steadily and should continue to expand for years to come.  This is the perfect opportunity for anyone with plumbing, irrigation or any water related experience because licensing requirements call for 12 months work history in any water related field.

 Quite simply, the business tests, repairs, inspects and certifies the proper operation of plumbing back flow prevention devices.  The majority of their business comes from commercial clients who are by law required to conduct inspections on a regular basis.

 The demand for the company’s services has grown significantly over the last four years and the only limitation to more growth is that the current owner has not wanted to expand the business to more than they can currently handle.  As cities and MUD districts continue to develop new regulations for both the installation and regular inspection of back flow systems, management should develop a strategic marketing plan as well as continuing to network with companies and agencies needing these services.  With a comprehensive strategic marketing plan they should have no problem with continued revenue growth.

 The business has one client who accounts for about 25% of their business on an annual basis.  Otherwise there is not any other customer who accounts for more than 3% of the company’s total business.  Their total 2015 client list thru the first week of November numbered 281 individual accounts and for year-to-date 2015 their average client billing was $641.

 This is a home based business which can be operated from anywhere in the Houston metropolitan area without any loss of accounts.  Call us now for more information on this great small business opportunity.

 Back Flow Inspection and


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