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This Architectural, Engineering and Legal Services Company opened in 1979. They are a small, general practice design firm, located in the Greenway Plaza area of Houston. Their practice serves a variety of project types including commercial, institutional, and residential projects. They have a wide range of architectural and engineering experience and skills, which has enabled them to broaden their practice.  They also offer due-diligence inspection services, remedial design services, and “expert witness” services in support of clients involved in legal disputes

The Company’s services breakdown into three general categories: Engineering Services; Architectural Services; and Forensic Analysis. 

Architectural services consist of the following sub-categories:

  • Predesign Services
  • New Residential Services
  • Residential Remodels
  • Commercial Projects

Engineering services consist of the following category:

  • Structural Engineering

Forensic analysis is the newest and fastest growing category consisting of the following:

  • Code/Regulatory reviews
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Litigation Support
  • Claim Investigation

The Company’s current client base comes from a large number of sources.  They attract clients from the general public, commercial developers, new home builders, remodeling service companies, state and local government agencies and law firms, just to mention a few.

The most exciting new source of business is coming from the forensic analysis services the company provides.  This is a very high volume and low cost service to provide.  Litigation surrounding engineering and architectural projects is more and more common.  Not only is it profitable, but there is very little competition in this business segment.

This is a great opportunity for an engineering or architectural company.  It is also a great play for a legal firm looking to add a lucrative company who could handle investigative situations, insurance claims and who could act as an expert witness.

 Architectural, Engineering and Legal Services Company

 Houston, Texas - $950,000


Brad Tait

Office - (281) 809-7220

Mobil - (832) 421-1110